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Customer Loyalty System

 For Cafes, Restaurants and more!

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About Stampi

Stampi is a Cyprus based tech startup founded in July 2019. The core technology is an automated customer loyalty system for cafes, restaurants, and more. Stampi aims to digitalize the traditional punch card customer loyalty procedure with an All-In-One (AIO) digital platform for Android and iOS. The platform will leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to bond businesses with their customers and revolutionize customer loyalty. Stampi is making loyalty, fun! 

Stampi is currently at an early development stage. 

stampi's mission and vision


To rescue businesses from wasting paper and plastic for customer loyalty management, and replace it with an extraordinary digital solution. 


To revolutionize customer loyalty management by making it fun and engaging.

Saves Money & Increases Customer Loyalty!

No Cards

No plastic, no paper.
We reduce the use of cards by digitalize them in one app.

No Stamps

No more ink usage.
By eliminating the cards there is no need for printing.

No Fraud

You have better control over the stamps collection and redemption process.


Have you ever consider what are your customer's needs? With Stampi you can know your customer and make them happy with your brand.

Faster Service

Quick stamp collection & redemption. No more delays on the point of sale. The customer receives / redeems its stamps easily and without any hassle.


Create strong brand awareness. Stampi builds an effective and productive relationship between businesses & customers.

Meet Team Stampi

if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together

Stampi’s greatest asset is our team. We’re highly motivated individuals with passion for technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and customer loyalty. Our diverse knowledge and experience makes us excel as a team. 

Chris Charalambous Portrait pic

Chris Charalambous


Chris is a Co – founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stampi.

Chris has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication & Internet Studies from the Cyprus University of Technology.

Michalis Efstathiou Cicle portrait

Michalis Efstathiou


Mike is a Co – founder, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of Stampi.

Mike has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication & Internet Studies and MSc: Entrepreneurship & Business Administration.

Christos Andreev Portrait

Christos Andreev


Christos is a Chief Product Officer and Chief Creative Officer of Stampi.

Christos has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication & Internet Studies and MSc: Entrepreneurship & Business Administration.

Supporters & Partners

idea logo

IDEA Incubator

IDEA is a non-profit, comprehensive innovation centre which hosts start-up companies offering them the highest quality of training and services, so as to turn their innovative ideas into viable businesses with a global outlook.

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Bank of Cyprus

Founded in 1899 and headquartered in Nicosia, Bank of Cyprus is the leading banking and financial services group in Cyprus, with significant market share across all businesses.

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A Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence firm offering every single service related to Business Analytics and Data. Synancia provides data management and consulting, advanced analytics, disruptive technologies and training.

stampi future plans


Future Plans

After completing the initial development stage of the basic digital customer loyalty system, Stampi is going big! We will leverage the power of AI, Data Science, and Gamification to fulfill our mission and materialize our vision. We aim to revolutionize customer loyalty management and redefine the brand – customer relationship.  

  • AI driven data analytics.
  • In-App games for greater brand engagement and customer loyalty.
  • Game analytics for brand engagement and awareness measurement.

stampi's roadmap to success


  • Join IDEA Pre-Incubator Stage
  • Company Legal Registration
  • Prototype Development
  • Pass to IDEA Incubator Stage
  • Products Beta Testing
  • Acquire Pre Seed Funding
  • Get Innovation Certificate

stampi's customer loyalty system development


0 %

Products Development

Android App 70%
iOS App 40%
Merchant device 80%

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